Ditch Double-Chin Exercises and Wraps: Kybella Melts Chin Fat

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Posted: January 20, 2016
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Many people do not want to undergo surgery, but really want to get rid of the bag of fat beneath their chins (which leads to the dreaded double chin and a loss of neck contour). If that description applies to you, you may be a great candidate for non-surgical Kybella injections! Using deoxycholic acid, Kybella melts the fat cells and the cell envelopes to restore a defined chin and neck contour.

Whether your extra under-chin fat seems to be a result of genetics, weight fluctuations, aging or a combination, Kybella injections effectively melt the fat cells, which your body then disposes of naturally.

Depending on how much fat is present, it can take between 2 to 6 injection appointments to reach desired results. These injection appointments are spaced at least a month apart.

You can feel more confident at your job, dating, interacting with friends and when you're sharing photos on Instagram or Facebook. These FDA-approved injections have a high patient success rate and create a dramatic difference for many people who have received the treatment.

Unlike surgery, you won't have to wait to recover and you won't be administered anesthesia (other than a mild local anesthetic). Facelift and neck lift surgery remain highly effective options, especially for people with a lot of sagging skin. But if you're not quite ready for surgical rejuvenation, Kybella may be a great way to feel more confident and attractive in your life today.

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Dr. Adam Basner