Got Psoriasis? Don't Hide!

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Posted: July 18, 2012
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Over seven million Americans suffer from Psoriasis. This make it the most prevailing autoimmune disease in this country. However, when you are one of those millions with Psoriasis, you feel like you are THE ONE and would give anything to just blend in when it flares up.

It is human instinct to base our worth on what others think of us, starting with our looks. So when you are stricken by something that is as visual as Psoriasis, you become self-conscious and have low esteems about yourself.

Here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we want you to know that Psoriasis is not the end of the world. There are things you can do that will improve how your Psoriasis looks. Such as keeping your skin moisturized. A petroleum-based product is the best and will keep the flaking scales look less red.

If you are one of the few unfortunate ones that has plaques on your face, but they aren't too severe, apply a concealer to hide them. Dr. Basner and his staff can't stress enough to keep good skin care practice is the best preventive method, and again, keeping your skin moisturized are the best measures, along with taking your medications and following your medical doctor's instructions.

Many people with Psoriasis have found that photo-therapy is helpful. Talk to your medical doctor about this approach. If your medical doctor agrees that photo-therapy may be a solution for you, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland and make your appointment for a consultation.

There have been reports from some patients that exposure to the sun is helpful too. You still want to take all the precaution of sunscreen and the right SPF protection, and start out with only five to ten minutes a day and build up your time in the sun. We already know that the UVA rays from the sun increase the risk for skin cancer. You don't want to add more problems to your already Psoriasis problems.

Lessen the appearance of your Psoriasis by wearing long sleeves, long pants and in light colors. The looser your clothing, the more comfortable you'll be and the less chance of rubbing your skin and irritating the Psoriasis more. For footwear, sandals and open-toed shoes should be avoided if you are concerned about how Psoriasis makes your toe nails look. Avoid fake fingernails as well and keep your nails moisturized just as you do your skin.

With Psoriasis, it becomes even more important to keep a healthy, balanced diet. Keeping your weight healthy will not only make you feel better but you'll look better too. A healthy diet is essential for anyone, with or without Psoriasis, to having healthy skin.

Don't have the mind set that Psoriasis will define who you are – or it will! Keeping a healthy attitude along with a healthy diet, healthy weight and healthy skin care will be the best defense. Dr. Basner and the staff here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland want you to know that there is no better defense against Psoriasis than a healthy attitude and Reveal the Beauty Inside of You.