Is Your Nose Making You Look Older?

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Posted: December 10, 2012
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Rhinoplasty offers many benefits and is a common requested procedure at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. With a Rhinoplasty, the size of a patients nose is changes which will include the bridge and width, all of which changes a person's profile. For a person that has a droopy nasal tip, reshaping the nostrils is a great solution. A person with a nose that may be too small or too large for their face, a

Rhinoplasty procedure will make it more in proportion with the rest of their face. A Rhinoplasty feature can balance and provide symmetry to a person's face, thereby changing their confidence and self-esteem.

Having a Rhinoplasty procedure is used for more than just appearance. Many patients will come to Dr. Basner for medical reasons, such as clearing an obstructed airway of their nose, like a deviated septum. Where getting a facelift or neck lift was the request to make a patient look younger, Rhinoplasty is being requested for the same purpose. Many patients that have had a Rhinoplasty for that purpose say they look 1 to 2 years younger after their nose job.

A consultation with Dr. Basner is the best way to find out what value a Rhinoplasty could be for you. If you are looking at making changes for the New Year, give us a call today and make your appointment!

Dr. Adam Basner