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Posted: March 15, 2022

Wearing turtlenecks may camouflage double chins or sagging neck skin in the winter, but who wants to wear them year-round? Fortunately, you don't have to. The main difference between Kybella neck treatment and neck lift surgery is one is a non-surgical procedure to fix neck conditions where as the other involves procedures to remove and tighen the area with minimally invasive surgery. But which is right for you?

This article will take a deep dive into Kybella vs. neck lift procedures. We'll explain what each process entails, which one is right for your condition, what recovery times to expect and why you should schedule a consultation with Baltimore neck lift surgeon Dr. Adam Basner. He and his team of highly-trained professionals can help you lose sagging chin skin and regain your youthful-looking neck.

What Are Kybella Injections?

Kybella neck injections are an FDA-approved, non-surgical neck procedure to get rid of a double chin. Kybella is a synthetic acid that mimics the deoxycholic acid naturally produced by your body. This acid breaks down the food in your system so it can pass through your body. Kybella double chin injections use this same principle to destroy the fatty tissue below your chin. Once the excess fat cells have been killed, your body removes them and your double chin disappears.

Do Kybella Neck Injections Bring Permanent Results?

The fat cells in your body are the same ones you were born with. Fat cells don't reproduce like other cells in your body. Fat cells store excess caloric energy, which makes them expand. While fat cells may reduce in size when you diet, they don't go away. With Kybella injections, the fat cells under your chin are eliminated and will not come back.

How Many Injections of Kybella Will I Need?

If you're considering Kybella for neck fat removal, plan to make several appointments. Your first session may include several injections over the course of 20 minutes or so. In all likelihood, you'll need to return for an additional two to four injections for severe neck fat removal, depending on your body's response to the first treatment.

Does Kybella Tighten Skin?

If you're trying to achieve neck tightening, injections of Kybella are not the way to go. To correct sagging neck skin, you'll need a surgical procedure. Kybella is administered to remove excess fat cells that cause double chins to give the neck a trim, youthful appearance.

What Is Neck Lift Surgery?

While some people shy away from plastic surgery, getting a neck lift is the quickest, most effective way to tighten up your jawline. Neck lifts can alleviate sagging neck skin and chin lipo can take care of a double chin. Bear in mind, only a certified plastic surgeon like Baltimore's Dr. Adam Basner is qualified to do a neck lift procedure.

What Is Involved in Neck Lift Surgery?

Advances in surgical techniques enable surgeons to perform less invasive procedures and achieve targeted results. Your doctor will place small incisions beneath your chin and behind your ears to make sure scars are as inconspicuous as possible. Sagging muscles will be tightened and loose skin removed. And although it won't do anything for "turkey neck," liposuction can be performed during neck lift surgery to remove any excess fat. Patients are placed under sedation during the neck lift procedure using a local anesthetic.

After surgery, your doctor will give you instructions concerning neck lift recovery. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully. Recovery time is usually two to four weeks.

Is Neck Lift Surgery Permanent?

Neck lift surgery is usually "one-and-done." You'll need to schedule a post-surgery visit with your doctor, but unless there are unforeseen complications, you'll be good to go.

Kybella vs. Neck Lift? Dr. Adam Basner Can Help You Choose

Whether you want a chin lift through Kybella neck injections or a surgical procedure to say goodbye to sagging chin and neck skin, Dr. Basner can send you home with a sleek neck and a smile. Don't just feel bad about your neck, do something about it! For Kybella or neck lift consultations, call Dr. Basner today.

About Dr. Basner

With extensive training in plastic surgery, Dr. Adam Basner is the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Sinai Hospital. He's one of 20 plastic surgeons recognized in all four categories in Newsweek's America's Best Plastic Surgeons - 2021.

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