What is the Buccal Fat Pad Excision Procedure?

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Posted: May 6, 2015
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shutterstock_160371911_zpsa999a2c7_0.JPGIf you are unhappy with the appearance of chubby round cheeks and want to have a more angular facial shape, then surgical removal of your buccal fat pad may be the right option for you. A large buccal fat pad is often an inherited trait, and it may not shrink even if you have lost weight elsewhere. This facial plastic surgery procedure is one of the procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.

Dr. Basner removes the fat pad through an incision inside your mouth. The result is a defined facial contour. Round, "chipmunk" cheeks can be an aggravating facial feature to live with, and with the minimally invasive removal of the fat pad, you don't have to continue to live with this facial feature. But it's not necessarily right for everyone, and you should discuss your goals and your options with Dr. Basner. For this reason, he offers a consultation so that you can get all the information you need to feel confident about whatever decision you make.

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