When To Combine Breast Lift and Augmentation

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Posted: November 9, 2017
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A breast lift and breast augmentation are two different procedures. A breast lift is done to help reposition sagging breasts, while a breast augmentation uses implants to increase the size of the breasts. What if you want to both lift and increase the volume of your breasts, though? In that case, you may benefit from a combination breast lift and augmentation.

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Are You A Candidate for a Combination Breast Lift and Augmentation?

The most common candidate for a breast lift with implants is a woman whose breasts have deflated and lost their shape after childbirth and breastfeeding. This is by no means the only type of candidate, though. In general, you may be a good candidate for a combination breast lift and augmentation if you:

  • Have significantly sagging breasts
  • Have lost volume in your breasts
  • Want to increase the size of your breasts
  • Are in good general health
  • Are a non-smoker

Many women are concerned about the possibility of breastfeeding after a breast lift or breast augmentation. Modern techniques and equipment mean that it is most often possible to leave the milk ducts undisturbed during breast surgery, and you will be able to breastfeed afterward.

That being said, there is a small chance that you will not be able to breastfeed, or that you will not be able to produce as large a quantity of milk.  This chance is very small, but it is important to be aware of.

Breast Lift and Implants in a “Mommy Makeover”

A combination breast lift and augmentation is a very popular procedure to have as part of a “Mommy Makeover.” Post-childbirth, many women find that their bodies have undergone changes that are very hard to reverse with diet and exercise. Plus, the responsibilities of caring for a child often mean that they do not have the time to lead as healthy a lifestyle as they would like.

A “Mommy Makeover” can help restore your pre-baby body and allow you to feel good about your appearance again. Some of the most popular procedures involved in a “Mommy Makeover” include”:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast implants
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck

A breast lift to reverse sagging, breast implants to restore lost volume, a tummy tuck to tighten up loose abdominal muscles and get rid of excess skin and fat, and liposuction for overall contour of the body can significantly enhance your appearance after having a child. This in turn often helps to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence as well.

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