Patient Reviews for Dr. Basner

Plastic Surgeon serving Lutherville Timonium, Baltimore & Columbia areas of Maryland

I was referred to Dr. Basner by my GYN physician after I mentioned I would love a tummy tuck.  I am so glad I took his advice and made an appointment.  Dr. Basner gave me back the body I had before my 3 children.  He even did liposuction to my waist at no extra charge to help contour my waist!!  I would highly recommend anyone thinking about a tummy tuck to see Dr. Basner.  He is a great surgeon!!


I saw Dr. Basner’s website while searching about BBL procedures.  When I saw his before and after pictures, I knew I had to have him do my surgery.  He was able to give me exactly what I wanted…(I’m actually on his website now!!)  I am so happy with my results and the whole experience.  It was much easier than I thought it would be, and his staff was so nice!!  If you are interested in a BBL…see Dr. Basner!!!


Thank you Dr. Basner and staff for making my surgical experience so great!  I was so nervous when I came in for my consultation, but after my visit I was very comfortable making a decision to have my breast augmentation with Dr. Basner.  I LOVE my results and have recommended 2 friends to see him for their procedures!  Thank you again!!


I have never written a review before, but felt I had to thank Dr. Basner again for doing such a great job with my surgery!!  I went to a reunion last month and got so many compliments on how great I looked.  Of course no one knew I had a face lift over 3 years ago!!! I was thrilled after my surgery, but never expected to feel so good about it even years later! 

Thank you Dr. Basner for helping me look as young as I feel!!


The staff/surgeon have been extremely attentive to all my medical and surgical needs.  Not only have they answered my questions but they did a remarkable job with my procedure and I am more proud and comfortable with my body.  Not to mention, my back pain has disappeared.  Great job Dr. Basner/Colleen.


Dr. Basner was excellent.  He provided a very professional pre-surgery exam, where he explained to me the procedure and expected results.  Treatment results were outstanding and I could not be more satisfied.


I could not be happier with the results of this procedure.  I’m able to stand up straight, run, breathe easier… the list goes on.  It has been truly life changing.  I highly recommend Dr. Basner and his team.

Z. H

Dr. Basner is an amazing surgeon.  Very personable and made me feel extremely comfortable from start to finish.  I am so glad I had my procedure performed by Dr. Basner, he really took the time to explain the procedure in detail and what to expect.  I have referred him to several people who have come to me because they have liked my results.  Thank you so much for giving my my confidence back.

T. P

Absolutely amazing, results are amazing, the people are very kind and take very good care of you.  Highly recommend this place!

J. M

Overall, my experience here was absolutely amazing.  From my consultation all the way to the operating room, and follow-up visits, I felt so cared for.  My recovery was only 3 days and my results are everything I had hoped for and then some.  Dr. Basner isn’t too bad to look at either J I would refer Dr. Basner and The Plastic Surgery Center to friends and family.