4 Reasons Winter is a Great Time for Breast Augmentation

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Posted: December 19, 2019
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An excellent breast augmentation experience starts with proper planning. Ideally, you want to schedule your procedure when it will be convenient, comfortable, and give you results by your target date.

For many patients, a winter surgery checks all of those boxes. Below, you’ll find four reasons to consider undergoing breast augmentation in the next few months.

1. You Can Recover Discreetly

Woman after winter breast augmentation While the social stigma that once surrounded cosmetic surgery is a thing of the past, it’s understandable if you’d prefer to keep your recovery private. Fortunately, the winter months make that easy.

After your breast augmentation procedure, you may want to conceal your recovery garments, swelling, and bruising under clothing. The colder weather will allow you to wear thick, loose tops without feeling hot or looking out of place.

Winter is also a great time to take it easy indoors while you recover. It isn’t very tempting to go outside when the temperatures are low. On top of that, there are generally fewer social activities to miss between December and March.

2. It May Be Easier to Take Time Off

Depending on the nature of your job, you will need a week or two off for recovery. This time of the year is perfect for healing at your own pace.

Most people take vacations around the holidays, so your coworkers won’t think twice about your absence. You may have paid time off that you need to use by a certain date. Plus, office closures can limit the number of days you need to request off.

3. Less Sun Exposure Means Lighter Scars

New scars require special care and protection. One of the best ways to ensure that your scars heal properly is to avoid sun exposure. The reason behind this is that the sun’s UV rays can cause your scars to become darker and thicker.

In the winter, the days are shorter and UV rays are weaker. On top of this, the cold temperatures encourage wearing longer layers. You’ll find it easier to cover your scars during this time, and they should be healed by the time they see the sun.

4. You’ll See Results By Swimsuit Season

A significant benefit of breast augmentation is that it can help your breasts look fuller and more balanced in swimsuits. But many people make the mistake of waiting until summer to schedule their surgery.

Breast augmentation results are not immediately apparent. Your final outcome will likely be visible two months after surgery. You may go on to experience subtle changes to your breast appearance for up to six months as your implants settle.  For these reasons, it is important to plan ahead if being swimsuit ready is one of your goals.

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