Breast Augmentation to Improve a Wide Breast Gap

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Posted: January 24, 2020
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Women undergo breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons, the most common being to improve breast size or shape. However, there’s another popular request, especially among women with wide-set breasts: creating cleavage.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner has performed numerous augmentation procedures on women with a significant gap between their breasts. While there are some limitations to increasing cleavage through breast augmentation, know that Dr. Basner is uniquely skilled to help you achieve your goals.

A Word on Cleavage

Woman with cleavage after Baltimore breast augmentation Cleavage refers to the distance from one breast’s inner edge to the other. This space can be narrow or wide, depending on a woman’s anatomy.

While each woman has her own preferences regarding cleavage, many favor a narrow gap. This is evident from the popularity of push-up bras. However, you may not want to rely on a bra to achieve the look you want. In this situation, breast augmentation may be able to help.

Improving Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

It’s important to know that breast augmentation isn’t designed to change the placement of your breasts significantly. However, special techniques can often be used during the procedure to add more fullness through the inner breast.

Dr. Basner will start by working with you to select the appropriate implant shape, size, and profile. Some implant options can create more cleavage than others.

To help achieve your goals during surgery, Dr. Basner may adjust the pocket for your implants. He will also make sure to position your implants in the ideal location to reduce the gap between your breasts. Throughout this process, Dr. Basner will work to ensure that your results look natural.

If you want to enhance your cleavage through breast augmentation, it’s important to discuss this during your consultation. Factors such as the prominence of your breastbone and the structure of your chest can affect how your cleavage will appear after surgery. Dr. Basner will be able to predict the amount of improvement that you can expect to see in your unique situation.

Reducing a Wide Breast Gap after Breast Augmentation

Some women feel that their breasts are still too far apart after breast augmentation. If you’re in this situation, there may be options to improve your satisfaction with the look of your cleavage. Potential solutions include fat grafting or a breast lift to alter the breast implant pocket.

Keep in mind that it’s important to allow several months to pass after your procedure before pursuing surgical correction. Breast implants often sit high and tight on the chest during the healing process. As time passes, your implants will move into a more aesthetically pleasing position.

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