Adam Basner Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Hi, I’m Dr. Adam Basner and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon. In this video I’m going to talk to you about a breast augmentation with a lift. Many women want increased volume and improved shape. A breast augmentation and lift will help to achieve this. Many women are unsure as to whether they need a lift or not. There is a very simple test that will help you determine this. What we have you do is place your hand in the crease underneath your breast. Then, with the index finger on your other hand, simply touch your fingers through the breast. If your nipple and areola are above this point you will not need a separate lift procedure. The implant will do it for you. If your nipple and areola are below this point then you will need a separate lift at the same time as your breast augmentation. I have a video on breast augmentation so in this video I’m going to focus on the lift portion of the procedure. What happens over time is the skin envelope or the skin brassiere stretches allowing the breast tissue to drop down. The breast lift is a very simple procedure to remove that excess skin and reshape the skin brassiere in order to hold the breast in the proper position. The incisions for a breast lift with an augmentation typically go around the areola and then straight down the middle of the breast. Please take a look at my before and after photographs on this website. If you notice an incision being slightly red it probably means the incision is about three months old. If you don’t really notice an incision it probably means the incision is about one year old and like any incision on the body anywhere else it does take a year to completely fade away. While I understand that no one truly wants an incision on the breast what I tell everyone that they need to remember is that incisions fade but poor shape will stay with you forever. If breast augmentation with a lift is something you are interested in please contact my office for your own personal consultation. Thank you.