Adam Basner Facelift

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Hi, I’m Dr. Adam Basner and in this video I’m going to talk to you about facelifts. Facelifts are one of my most favorite procedures. Using the most modern techniques we are now able to get very beautiful yet natural results with facelifts. And I want to emphasize this: I think the most important thing in facelifting is achieving a natural result. There are many different types of designs of facelifts. My procedure is designed so that when people see you after the procedure you look really good to them but they’re not quite sure what has happened. It just looks very natural and the best way I’ve found to explain this is to tell you assume you think of a friend of yours who you know very well and then ask you what’s the shape of their mouth or their eyebrows? Well you don’t really know yet you know its them when you see them. So we can design a procedure that makes you look completely natural yet better. People won’t know anything’s been done. In order to achieve natural results, you really have to understand what the young person looks like. If you think about a young person you know they don’t have tight skin. Their skin looks quite natural. So the question is what are you seeing that’s telling you that they’re young? Well, you’re really noticing the shape of their face. Young people have a smooth neckline. There’s no interruption in the jawline. There’s no loose skin or fat hanging in the center. Young people have a fullness in their cheeks and then it get narrower by the jowel area almost a heart-shape to their face. As we get older, our nice, fatty volume in the cheek descends and causes a jowel. So in order to achieve a beautiful, natural results what we need to do is recreate the shape you had when you were younger and that younger people have today. The way we do that is very simple. We tighten the neck to give it a nice, smooth jawline and then we lift the jowel back up to the cheek where it was in you when you were younger and after that’s done, after the reshaping is complete, then we gently remove any excess skin without any pulling or stretching. Recovery from a facelift is somewhat easy yet long. Physically, it’s somewhat easy. It doesn’t hurt but it’s really described more as discomfort than anything else. Most people are not really taking many pain pills. At the same time there’s a fair amount of swelling, really more swelling than bruising and it does take about ten days to two weeks until you’re back to work or out in public seeing friends and family. Please take some time to review my before and after photos. See what I mean by beautiful yet natural results. If a facelift is something you’re interested in, please contact my office to set up your own personal consultation. Thank you.