Adam Basner Rhinoplasty

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Hi, I’m Dr. Adam Basner and in this video I’m going to talk to you about rhinoplasty, one of my most favorite procedures. I love rhinoplasty because it’s very artistic and very three-dimensional. During your consultation I will examine you and listen to your concerns about your nose and together we will make a plan. But, really, the most important thing to do during your consultation is look at my before and after photographs. The reason this is critical is that in the operating room you are truly stuck with my taste. I keep working until your nose looks right to me. I try to achieve a balance between your nose and the other portions of your face including your chin, your eyes, your forehead and your facial dimensions. My goal is to achieve a beautiful yet natural result – feminine for a woman, masculine for a man. Please take some time to review my before and after photographs. Compare them to other surgeons. It is critical that you find a surgeon whose taste and style you share. Many physicians rely on computer simulations during your consultation. While this can be a helpful tool, I urge you to be careful. Just because someone can do a beautiful computer simulation does not mean they can perform that in the operation room. Please insist on seeing before and after photographs. See many examples. See people whose noses are shaped like yours to make sure you that are making the correct choice. Recovery from a rhinoplasty is relatively easy. There is typically a little pain for the first night but after that there is minimal discomfort going forward. The biggest complaint people have is that its difficult to breathe out of your nose and specifically there is a big splint on your nose and that’s what will stay there for five to six days. Having said that, people can expect to return to work, school, back to normal life after five or six days when the splint comes off. At that time, we expect you to look completely normal. Now, you will look better at six weeks than you do at six days, but please be prepared to only take a relatively short time off of work or school to have this surgery performed. Again, let me urge you to review my before and after photographs. Perhaps more than any other surgery, this is the most critical for rhinoplasty. On my website I have a small sampling of patients I’ve taken care of. During your personal consultation I will be able to show you many, many more photographs and certainly an example of a nose that looks like yours now and what you can expect post-operatively. If you’re interested in a consultation please contact my office and we will be happy to set that up for you. Thank you.