Breast Augmentation With a Wide Gap

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Hi, I’m Dr. Adam Basner and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about breast augmentation with a wide gap and what that means is that some women have a wide space or a wide gap between their breasts. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen results on the Internet of people after breast augmentation with a very unnatural results and wide space between breasts. I have developed special sizing and surgical techniques to minimize this problem. This involves a very detailed examination and consultation process. Please take a look at my before and after photographs to see my results, see how I can achieve beautiful, natural results in women who start with a wide space or wide gap. If you are someone whose anatomy makes you susceptible to having this issue please make sure you see someone with expertise in this area. If you’re interested in your own personal consultation please contact my office and we’ll be happy to set that up for you. Thank you.