Tummy Tuck Recovery (Abdominoplasty) - Adam L. Basner | Baltimore, MD

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Hi I’m Dr. Adam Basner and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland. Many patients want to know about the recovery from a tummy tuck and really the tummy tuck is one of the tougher recoveries we have. A lot of women compare it to their C-section recovery. And so what that really means is the first two or three days you’ll mostly be in bed. You can get out of bed to get something to eat or go to the bathroom but really you’re going to be taking it easy there. And then for the next week you’re slowly moving around the house better and better and better. But if someone asks me when am I going to go back to work if I have a desk job that’s really going to be around day ten. It’s not going to be until that point that you feel comfortable driving to work, staying there for eight hours and driving home. If you work from home you might be able to get to work sooner but for people who work out of the home they will need ten days.