Cosmetic Surgery Pricing

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The fees listed below include all charges for the office: The surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, operating room fees, supply costs and follow-up appointments. They do not include your prescriptions or any charges associated with your pre-op medical clearance. The listed fees are average charges. Actual charges can be higher or lower depending on individual circumstances.

Surgical Procedures

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)   $6,700 - $7,700
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)   $8,700 - $9,000
Breast Augmentation with Lift   $11,500 - $12,500
Breast Reduction   $8,700 - $9,000
Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)   $5,700 - $8,100
buttock Lift $10,000 - $11,000
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)   $5,500 - $6,100
Upper Lid Eye Surgery OR Lower Lid Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty)   $4,500 - $4,700
Upper AND Lower Lid Eye Surgery (at the same time)  $7,000 - $7,400
Lower Face and Neck Lift  $10,350 - $11,900
Male Gynecomastia $6,400 - $8,200
Fat Grafting to buttocks/Brazilian Butt Lift  $9,300 - $10,000
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)  $9,500 - $11,600
Liposuction starts at   $4,600
Labiaplasty  $5,600 - $6,100
Neck Lift  $7,800 - $8,100
Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)   $8,300 - $8,700
Outer Thigh Lift   $8,800
Inner Thigh Lift   $8,350- $10,250

Non-Surgical Procedures/Products

BOTOX   $350 for one area, $625 for two areas, $850 for three areas, $1075 for four areas
Dysport    $350 for one area, $625 for two areas, $850 for three areas, $1075 for four areas
Kybella   $700/vial ($1350/tx)
Restylane Refyne/Defyne   $725 per syringe
Restylane Lyft/Silk   $625 per syringe
Sculptra   $775/vial ($1500/tx)
Juvederm Ultra Plus   $725 per syringe 
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC   $725 per syringe
Voluma   $825 per syringe
Volbella $775 per syringe
Volure $775 per syringe
Kysse  $775 per syringe

To arrange your cosmetic consultation, please call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland at 410-616-3000 today. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner provides outstanding care and results for patients from all over the Maryland area, including Baltimore, Columbia, Owings Mills and Towson.

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