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Plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner has lots of experience with the liposuction procedure, so he knows how patients feel who eat healthy and exercise, yet still have trouble slimming down certain areas of excess fat. If you have these types of fat deposits, liposuction can help you shape and sculpt your body to restore your confidence. To find out if liposuction or another body procedure can help you have the body you have always wanted, please call us at (410) 616-3000. Dr. Basner provides cosmetic consultations at our greater Columbia and Owings Mills plastic surgery practice.


Liposuction Treatment Areas

Liposuction is a versatile treatment that can slim down stubborn fat deposits in many body areas, including:

  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Cheeks
  • Back

These areas tend to accumulate fat cells – the type of fat cells that don't go away no matter how often you exercise. Liposuction may be right for you if you want to remove these fat cells permanently. Liposuction is not a weight loss method, but it can remove isolated pockets of fat.

TESTIMONIAL: I tried working out. I tried dieting. But I just couldn't seem to lose the weight I wanted. Liposuction worked great for me. Every morning when I get dressed I'm happy! – R.S.

Liposuction Cost

At Dr. Basner's plastic surgery practice, the average cost of liposuction starts at $3,900. To get an exact estimate, call us today and schedule a consultation. Not only will Dr. Basner discuss your goals with you and determine if you are a good liposuction candidate, our staff will make sure you know all associated fees.

Dr. Basner's Liposuction Technique

Dr. Basner uses the traditional and effective power-assisted liposuction technique aided by SAFELipo®. SAFELipo is a method used to prepare the fat cells for easier, more effective, less traumatic fat removal.

Although liposuction does require small incisions for the insertion of the surgical instruments, these circular incisions are quite small and can often be well-concealed beneath clothes and other garments. Recovering from liposuction can take several weeks altogether, although you should be able to return to work and most other activities less than a week after your procedure. You will have to avoid certain strenuous activities for longer. The results of liposuction are long lasting. The fat cells that are removed do not grow back, although you can still gain weight and enlarge fat cells in other parts of your body.

Are you ready to find out if liposuction is the right procedure for you? If so, please contact The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland to schedule a cosmetic consultation with our board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner. Dr. Basner provides care and great results for patients from all over, including Baltimore, Owings Mills, Towson and Columbia.